Why Branded Work Uniform?

Branded Work Uniform not only enhances your company’s professional image, but also enhances your
brand awareness in the market that will generate more revenue and increase your profit.


First of all, why uniform?

Uniform has an important role to play in the organization. Uniform sets a dress requirement for the members of a company or an organization when participating as part of the group in the operation of the company or an organization. Uniform helps people stand out, be recognized. Uniform provides a professional and brand awareness standpoint. It’s an instant confidence boost.

Uniform provides the students, staff, teams and groups with a clear identity to make them easy to identify and strengthen the branding of your company or organization.

Uniform provides the organization with a professional image, give customers a good sense of trust and confidence, provide safety & security and act as an effective marketing tool.

Uniform secures employee protection, encourages team building, offers employee benefits, builds brand awareness and, at no extra cost, even market or advertise your company’s brand.


Why Branding Your Uniform?

Many businesses underestimate the power & benefits of having a Branded Work Uniform. In fact, Branded Work Uniform not only enhances your company’s professional image, but also enhances your brand awareness in the market that will generate more revenue and increase your
company’s profit.

Branded Work Uniform provides the ability to project a professional image and effectively promote a company brand.

Brand identity is everything. From a logo to a strapline, we like to envision a strong, identifiable brand. This branding is the sort of thing that can make all the difference to the success of the company and the happiness of your employees. One of the biggest ways we identify brands is by using Branded workwear. Think about it, you would identify a football team by their crest or color, so why not incorporate that into your company?

Business owners / managers want to benefit from the many image enhancing results a Branded Work Uniform program can produce.

Below we’ve highlighted some of the benefits of having a Branded Work Uniform.

Benefits of having a Branded Work Uniform.

Branded Work Uniform not only enhances your company’s professional image, but also enhances your brand awareness in the market that will generate more revenue and increase your profit.


Strengthens Company / Brand Identity.​​

Ensuring that your brand identity is at the forefront of your customers’ mind provides a link that can be recognized and remembered by the client. Selecting an appropriate employee uniform can immediately establish a professional business image that attracts and helps retain customers. Branded Work Uniforms are brilliant for a company’s awareness. Strong branding on uniform is also successful for advertising. Meaning, when your employees wear it, it becomes a walking advertisement for your company. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re already a big business, branding and uniform is essential. Marketing through uniform is a way of pushing your brand out to the wide world. Brand identity is absolutely crucial – it allows people to feel secure when they recognize your uniform, some examples includes Canada Post, Purolator, UPS, FedEx, Police, Firefighters, Paramedics, Security Guards, Retail Stores etc…

When employees wear Branded Work Uniform displaying corporate logos and colors, they help in branding and differentiating their business in the markets they serve.

Well-designed Branded Work Uniform worn in public becomes “walking billboards,” promoting a company’s products and services “for free.”

Winning business team putting hands together. Taken on event Minilypse Ljubljana 2008.

Foster Sense of Unity & Improved Work Ethic.​​

Employees who dress similarly develop a sense of solidarity and belonging, creating an atmosphere where teamwork is valued, and performance ultimately improves.

Employees will be more aware of their standard of work when wearing Branded Work Uniform, as customers will know where to report negative feedback. A business that wears the same uniform will also make your employees proud as it provides a sense of loyalty and unity. Creating a consistent look means there is no pressure to look a certain way. It’ll allow everyone to feel equal without the worry of being dressed overly or under smart. The worry of someone not dressing appropriately for their role will be eliminated. 

Businessman climbing gold coins stacks on the gray background

Increased Profits ​​

When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, employees are essentially brand ambassadors who are on hand to promote sales and offer exceptional customer care. When you consider ‘guru’s’ at tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, TELUS, Rogers etc; the Branded Work Uniform they wear carry connotations of professionalism which will essentially increase their company’s profits and retain customers. A research found that customers are more inclined to do business with employees who wear uniforms because they stood out as professionals and were seen as being more competent and knowledgeable.


Boost Consumer Trust & Client’s Perception​​

Through the use of effective Branded Work Uniform, customers can make an instant connection of trust to a brand’s identity. The element of trust is amplified through brand-recognition, which enables customers to engage more easily with products &/ services and lead them down the sales funnel.


Giving the Right Impression ​​

We know that the first impressions are everything! And, you never get a second chance to make the first impression! So, having a smart, Branded Work Uniform will allow employees to appear professional. Employees could also feel confident in their uniform and have the mentality of ‘dressing for success’. When someone enjoys their job, they will want others to see who they work for and what they stand for.  

Staff who are dressed in uniform tend to take better care of their image, instantly setting them apart as professionals and more organized. An employee’s appearance can also reflect on the organization they work for, so it’s crucial to maintain an organized front at all times.

Employee Benefit​

In large organizations, Branded Work Uniform comes as a blessing in disguise, because it saves the personnel so much time and gives them more opportunities to think rather than wasting half of their morning thinking what to wear for the office and trying to match the colors of his / her work attire.

Moreover, Branded Work Uniform is considered as an honor and a privilege to receive a Branded Work Uniform for work. Also, employees don’t have to spend a lot, on a wide variety of work clothes.

Wearer’s Safety

In industry that carry risk, work uniforms can also deliver functional benefits, like wearer’s safety. Some company’s work uniforms might not be the most fashionable but that’s because they are made to comply with healthy and safety regulations. But it doesn’t have to be dull. Promo in Motion offers a large variety of safety workwear that you are able to customize to your brand.


In Conclusion ​

If you’re looking to boost your team, foster a sense of unity, enhance professional image of your organization, enhance your brand awareness in the market that will generate more revenue and increase your company’s profit, then really, Branded Work Uniform is the simplest and most affordable way to achieve these goals. If you do not yet use Branded Work Uniform in your business, it may well be worth giving it a try; the difference they can make simply cannot be overstated.

Final Thought…

Branded Work Uniform has numerous benefits, but you need to get it right to make it work for you.We, at Promo in Motion can provide you with a cost effective Branded Work Uniform and top-quality service. We even have the facility to design a company logo for you if you don’t already have one.Contact us for more information.

We, at Promo in Motion can provide you with a cost effective Branded Work Uniform along with Top-Notch Service.